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Testing Services

At Allzone IT Solutions, we understand that quality assurance is an integral part of any project development. Therefore, we offer you with a skilled and experienced team, which ensures that

  • The software matches its specifications
  • Works properly in the intended environment
  • Crashes under no circumstances
  • All bugs are detected and freed before the software is either integrated with company’s operation or is launched in the market.

A test environment is set up to replicate the client’s environment by setting up dedicated hardware configuration and server. Test systems are written using scripts. Tables and views are created and test inputs are generated.

Our testing services includes Functional testing, Compatibility testing and Performance testing.

Functional testing: This testing service verifies that the application behaves according to specifications and can handle erroneous data and actions correctly. Test cases are developed and documented based on test design.

Compatibility testing: This testing service verifies that the ported application works like the application prior to porting. Test cases are developed by using the initial application, thereby ensuring that the ported application meets the specification of the initial application.

Performance testing: This testing service ensures the scalability and performance of applications in the specified hardware/software configuration. Performance is measured using metrics. Test cases are developed by keeping the business needs of the application in mind.

We employ the following test automation tools:

  • Unit testing: NUnit, NUnitAsp, JUnit and WebInject
  • Functional testing: e-Test suite, UISpec4J
  • Compatibility testing: Java CTT
  • Performance/Load testing: Apache JMeter, TestMaker and JCrawler
  • Scripting languages: Perl, Python, shell scripts for Unix and DOS platforms, Windows script.
  • Defect Management Tools: Bugzilla
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