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Our Approach

Allzone IT Solutions believes in forming long term partnership with our clients. Allzone IT Solutions offers our clients with flexible engagement and delivery models that can cater their needs. Allzone IT Solutions adopts Spiral Progressive Approach to deliver our projects. This enables our clients to see during the project development life cycle how their project is shaping up. It also helps us in incorporating their feedback at each step and optimizing cost.

Corporations around the world have adopted Offshore Software Development as a successful business strategy. A critical part of the Offshore IT Outsourcing strategy, offshore software development provides companies with business flexibility in terms of focusing on their core competencies, while at the same time offering them exclusive cost-effective solutions for their business requirements.

Delivery Models

Allzone IT Solutions offers flexible delivery model to our client to suit their requirements. Our unique way of working enables our clients to use the benefits of offshore development for gaining competitive advantage. Our delivery model includes:

Offshore Delivery Model: In this model, the entire project, from collecting the business requirements to testing is done at the offshore development center. This model is most suited for projects where project goals are well defined and project requirements do not change a lot. Regular communication via e-mail, phone calls on VOIP and web-meetings are established.

Onsite Delivery Model: In this model, the resources are used at the clientís premises. The model is best suited for projects whose scope is not clearly defined but goals are repetitive and open ended. The entire project, from collecting requirements to product implementation is done at the clientís end.

Onsite-Offshore Delivery Model: This model provides client the advantage of both onsite and offshore delivery model. Onsite team interacts directly with the client. The role of onsite team involves on-site consulting, requirement gathering, knowledge acquisition, designing the architecture of the system (LLD), product implementation and system testing. The talented, low cost offshore resources interact only with onsite team and the role includes high level system design, development, testing and providing remote support and maintenance. The benefit of this model is that it helps in maximizing efficiency and optimizing cost.

Engagement Models

Allzone IT Solutions offers our clients variety of engagement models to meet their specific requirements. Some of our engagement models are:

Fixed Time/ Fixed Price: This is most suitable for projects where scope and specifications of the project are well specified. This model guarantees on time and on budget delivery of the project. Here, Allzone IT Solutions follows phased approach successfully to deliver projects.

Effort Based Pricing: This model is useful for projects where scope and specifications changes during the course of project. Here, pricing is done based on the time and resources utilized; therefore project specifications can be modified on an ongoing basis. This model provides flexibility to clients to balance resources especially in onsite-offshore model.

Milestone Based pricing: This model is useful for clients who are concerned about the progress of projects, usually in an offshore delivery model. Milestone based pricing reduces risks as payment is done only after a milestone has been achieved.

Offshore Dedicated Center: This model is best suited for clients as it is a cost effective solution for clients with long term forecasted need of outsourcing. The client is provided with dedicated resources that work exclusively for the client. Regular training programs are undertaken to provide the team with necessary training on a regular basis.

Build Operate Transfer: This model provides benefits of having an own offshore development center with lower infrastructure cost and building up a team. Also the client gets the advantage of managing an already established team of developers. This model comprises of three parts:

Build: The offshore vendor sets up the infrastructure and the team by hiring people.
Operate: The offshore vendor runs the center for a defined period.
Transfer: Once the development centre is well established, the ownership and management is transferred to the client.

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