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Migration and Porting

Migration Challenges

  • Maintenance problem, complex architecture, difficult to deploy.
  • Support certain new platforms as the clients have adopted them as standards
  • Technology obsolete, difficult to find resources
  • Scalability problems
  • Business logic mix-up
  • Integration problem with other systems
  • Difficult to upgrade the system for new user requirements

Allzone IT Solutions is helping companies in overcoming these challenges successfully. Allzone IT Solutions works as a migration and porting specialist who can take care of cross platform compatibility challenges, while companies stay focused on product innovation. Allzone IT Solutions has specialized skills in this domain and has enabled several technology companies achieve cross-platform compatibility.

Why Outsource Migration and Porting

  • It is difficult for the companies to invest in cross-platform porting, as it is not their area of core competency
  • Reduced development costs through offshore development and gain a winning edge against competition
  • Faster time-to-market for your products
  • Allzone IT Solutions depth of knowledge in Java, Microsoft, Web Services, Integration with back office applications such as MS Exchange and Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MS Access) have been a decisive factor in Allzone IT Solutions ability to embryonic its clientage.
  • Having executed number of porting and migration assignments, Allzone IT Solutions understands the challenges involved and has strategies and methodologies in place to get the task done successfully.

Allzone IT Solutions Offerings
Allzone IT Solutions range of migration software services include:

  • Assessment services to help you decide to stay, port, build, or buy
  • Strategy services to select the target environment and plan your migration
  • Pre-.NET-to-.NET migration
  • Application server migration (e.g., JBoss, Weblogic, WebSphere, etc)
  • J2EE to .NET Migration and vice versa
  • Web enabling legacy applications
  • Database porting (e.g., SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.)
  • Operating System migration (e.g., Solaris, Linux, Windows)
  • Programming Language migration

Migration Methodology
Allzone IT Solutions Migration Assessment expertise provides an accurate and timely inventory of all impacted applications, defines migration issues by count and severity, and outlines a delivery plan and a cost model to complete the migration. There are four key steps of the migration strategy:

  • Planning, risk & requirements analysis
  • Versioning control & library definition customization
  • Build system & code migration
  • Detailed testing & debugging
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