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Smart Card Solutions

Allzone IT Solutions provides variety of Smart Card Development Software Development services, smart card consultancy and Smart Card Solutions:

EPurse Application Development
An electronic purse is a convenient alternative to cash when it comes to low value transactions or where exact change or coins are required (vending machines, public transport, parking meters, etc.). Based on smart card technology and smart card programming capabilities it offers the advantages of cash with the security. EPurses are often combined with applications such as electronic tickets, parking or loyalty on a multi-application platform. Allzone IT Solutions has been a leading smart card solutions provider in electronic purse projects and has got an expert team of smart card programmers.

Gift and Loyalty Solutions
Allzone IT Solutions offers customizable loyalty solutions based on smart card technology expertise. Our customers can choose between a chip-based and a magnetic strip application. Moreover, all our solutions are highly configurable to the needs of the customer. This way you get to target individual customers, address their needs, retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Why Loyalty Applications?
Customer service increases customer satisfaction to drive customer loyalty and retention. Countless marketing academicians, professionals and statisticians have reiterated the fact that it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. A two percent increase in customer retention can earn same profits as a ten percent reduction in operating costs. Clearly, loyalty programs are vital for companies to grow their businesses in the face of increasing product parity and intensifying competition.

Allzone IT Solutions Loyalty Application Framework is a web based expert software application that enables companies to create and quickly launch flexible, fully customized loyalty programs. Our framework provides you with the business logic and technology essential for implementing and managing a successful loyalty program. Our framework enables you to put your loyalty program, for merchants, customers and administrators, on the Internet-quickly, efficiently and economically. Front end of the system is divided into various sub-modules:

Administration iZone: Administration iZone allows the loyalty service provider to manage various customers and merchants in the loyalty system. In this internet zone, administrators can:

  • Edit customers /merchants profile
  • Access account information, current point balance, account history and previous statements for various customers and merchants
  • Carry out settlement procedures
  • Run standard reports or customize own reports like merchant account report, customer account report, redemption reports and financial reports etc.
  • Manage points expiry and points redemption

Merchant iZone: A member’s only website for various merchants (in multiple merchant loyalty solutions) with personalized access. Merchants can view and administer account information, manage offers, special programs and other short-term customized promotional activities. In Merchant iZone, merchants can:

  • View details on the loyalty points awarded.
  • Manage offers, promotional activities & special programs.
  • Access account information, account history & previous statements
  • Modify their personal profile & contact information
  • Award points & deliver privileges to preferred customers
  • Maintain reward inventories

Customer iZone: A suite of customizable Web-based services, customer zone gives Customers access to a password-protected, “members-only” Web site, where they can access real-time account information. Members can view account information, edit profiles and redeem online
24 x 7. Information on new offers, special programs and other short-term customized promotional activities is also available. In Customer Zone, program customers can:

  • View reward options
  • Redeem points for rewards
  • Access account information, current point balance, account history and previous statements
  • Modify their personal profile & contact information

Host server: The central server of the loyalty application framework is available in various flavors depending upon the client’s needs. System can be configured for various types of usages:

  • Single owner system
  • Multiple owner — Single point system
  • Multiple owner — Multiple schemes system

POS Application: Point of Sale applications are configured as per system requirements and the host server configurations. POS applications are available both for magnetic stripe card based systems as well as smart card based loyalty applications.

Along with the features discussed in various sub sections above, we have various differentiating features that set us apart from our competitors.

Flexible loyalty schemes: Be it a single merchant system or multiple merchant systems merchant has complete control on the loyalty scheme they want to run. Through our web enabled Merchant iZone, merchant can define:

  • Slab based loyalty — Depending upon the amount of purchase, merchant can define loyalty percentages.
  • Transaction frequency based loyalty — Merchant has the flexibility to allot more points to a customer who has a better record of shopping with him.
  • Time based loyalty — Merchant has flexibility to allocate different points depending upon time of the day, day of the week or on particular dates. For example, in off peak hours, a restaurant might be offering more points than in peak hours to attract customers when it is not doing much business.

Remote Processing: With our web enables interfaces, administrators can control the application from anywhere in the world. Merchants as well as customers have the ability to remote access their data.

Fleet Solutions
Allzone IT Solutions provides smart card applications and smart card solutions for Corporate and Fleet Operators, to enable cashless payments for products and services to enable cashless payments at Petrol Stations and Toll Gates.

Campus/Id Card Solutions
Allzone IT Solutions provides campus solution that enables students to pay for their fees and other amenities availed on the campus using smart cards. Students can use the card to pay merchants for purchase of goods and services, in and around the campus. We can also provide this solution in corporate scenario where the employees are issued an identity card that can be used for making payments to canteens and other amenities used at the office.

Java Card Applet Development
Allzone IT Solutions is one of the leading company in the area of Java Card Applet Development/Java Card Programming. Our team has experienced of working on some of the best java card projects including simulating the Operating System on java card of some of the leading companies. Allzone IT Solutions provides Java Card programming and Java Card consultancy services.

Custom Application Development
We can also develop custom Smart Card applications according to our client’s requirements. Furthermore, we can port existing applications to multi-application operating systems also.

Terminal Application Development
Allzone IT Solutions can develop applications both on Smart Card Development based as well as Magnetic-Stripe based terminals. We have expertise in almost all the leading terminals like Magic Series, Exadigm terminals etc.

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